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I am the Industry-Insider that revealed the truth on how to overcome the financial death traps set up by the federal student loans industry!

Here’s a behind the scenes, exclusive; the first to reveal the truth about the default student loan.

I reveal what REALLY goes on behind the scenes in the student loan industry and Department of Education… (and why  i despise the Department of Education now we are committed to helping student loan borrowers, by revealing the institutions sneakiest tricks and biggest secrets…)

We have uncovered the truth showing real life examples of The Rogue Student loan collector “Getting Over” on the unsuspecting borrowers, raping them with colossal payments on their loans, ripping student loan borrower’s off on settlement by using scare tactics, and hammering borrowers by using the element of mystery (and shows you the truth on how to cancel your default student loan).

With this mind-blowing information from The Rogue Student Loan collector (a Production Manager at a student loan collection agency contracted by the D.O.E. you are going to make the collectors bow down to you. Yes – You’ll really be able to save Thousands of dollars on your student loan debt without ever being tricked or coerced by the debt collectors when you use the secrets we are about to give you…

The Real Truth About the Securitized Default Student Loan

According to the Federal Register, student loans are securitized which means that student loans were sold or are pooled with other student loans endorsed into a trust. These trusts are called asset backed securities.

Asset Backed Securities collateralized by student loans (“SLABS”) comprise one of the four (along with home equity loans, auto loans and credit card receivables) core asset classes financed through asset-backed securitizations and are a benchmark subsector for most floating rate indices. Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) loans are the most common form of student loans and are guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Education ("D.O.E.") at rates ranging from 95%-98% (if the student loan is serviced by a servicer designated as an "exceptional performer" by the Department Of Education the reimbursement rate was up to 100%. As a result, performance (other than high cohort default rates in the late 1980s) has historically been very good and investors’ rate of return has been excellent. The College Cost Reduction and Access Act became effective on October 1, 2007 and significantly changed the economics for FFELP loans; lender special allowance payments were reduced, the exceptional performer designation was revoked, lender insurance rates were reduced, and the lender paid origination fees were doubled. See: Wikipedia

See: Impact of Securitization and securitization-a-primer

According to SEC rules student loans are supposed to be transferred into a trust; however they never actually deliver the note. If the note is NOT indorsed into the trust the note is void and uncollectable.

So what are they securitizing?

They are securitizing a COPY of that note.

All notes securitized by a transfer of the "borrower's" or grantor is void and uncollectible. Also, securitization of a COPY of the note is a violation of the Uniform Commercial Code Article 9. If the note is not endorsed into the trust the note is void and uncollectable.

Student loan debt collectors violate the Fair Debt collection Practices Act because they threaten to take you to court and they have no intentions of doing so. In some cases this violation is worth $1,000.00 fine.

The Student Loan Contract

Student loans are governed by the United States Office of Education.

Most student loan borrowers will not have the original contract in their possession because when they got these loans they filled out the application and they faxed a copy of the it to the loan broker. The school does not have the original. But in the application it says that you agree to the terms and conditions (repay the pretend loan).

The Administrative Process to Cancel Default Student Loan

I have yet to see where any money was used by the department of education that actually funded any loan and that’s what they say on these loans “your loan was funded by the Department of Education” when it wasn’t. It was funded by private investors, as a student loan security.

You may want to call me for more information about wiping out your student loan.

See letter from Sally Mae showing student loan default removed from credit report by the administrative process. See: Letter


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