Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate homeowners about predatory lending practices, bank fraud and the legal options available to them. 

We believe that if you don't know your rights, you don’t know your options.


We are not a mortgage elimination company.

We help homeowners who are victims of predatory lending and bank fraud.

We are paralegals. We are affiliated with attorneys all over the United States. We are the leaders in document auditing and predatory lending litigation and defense. And an authority on the subject of predatory lending practices, foreclosure defense, consumer protection and debtor’s rights.

Lenders all over the country are violating The Truth in Lending Act and other State laws regulating mortgage lenders and mortgage brokers. 

Predatory lending strips billions in wealth from consumers and communities in the United States every year. Borrowers lose an estimated $9.1 billion annually due to predatory mortgages. Bank Fraud Victim Center and partners is fighting to stop these financial abuses by informing consumers of consumer protection laws passed by congress. These laws were implemented by congress to protect consumers from predatory lenders.


The Bank Fraud Victim Center and partners provide mortgage document auditing services for homeowners and we provide consumer protection law consulting services for attorneys. Our professional team has been on the forefront of developments affecting consumer law and litigation for several years.

Our specialists average more than 12 years of consumer law experience. This breadth of experience and our access to these resources permit us to offer our affiliated consumer protection attorneys and consumers high-quality assistance not available elsewhere.

Whether you want your mortgage documents audited, a free preliminary consultation, help identifying the best consumer claims to pursue, or assistance drafting a complaint or appellate brief, our experts are ready to help. Our auditing and consulting services are easy to use and readily available, just an e-mail message or phone call away.

Our specialists keep up with the latest developments in the rapidly changing world of consumer law and can respond to the most current predatory lending abuses facing the consumer. Our team can also help you raise powerful consumer law claims that can lead to greater money damages, providing you with an opportunity to more effectively address the clients' interests and recover attorney's fees at the same time.

Over the years, our team has consulted on thousands of consumer cases involving:

We currently offer a wide range of consulting services to attorneys that work with us.


Our consulting services are available only for consumers who are victims of predatory lending practices and attorney's representing our clients. We do not provide case assistance directly to non-attorney consumers. By agreeing to a consulting arrangement, we are not undertaking representation of a client and we are not establishing any form of attorney/client relationship. We do not provide any assurances regarding case outcomes and ultimate responsibility for the case remains with you and your attorney.

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