The Administrative Process to Cancel Default Student Loan

Did you graduate from college with both a degree and a mound of student debt? You’re not alone.

These days, the majority of students graduate from their post-secondary studies with student loan debt. In 2013, for example, seven out of every 10 students graduated from public and private non-profit colleges with some level of student debt; the average amount of debt (both federal and private loans combined) owed by these students was $28,400.

While many people are able to handle student loan payments after graduation, a number of factors can affect your ability to pay off your student debt. If you’ve been struggling to make your student loan payments, you’re not alone. In 2013, 13.7 percent of borrowers in their third year of student loan repayment defaulted on their loans.

When Does Student Loan Default Occur?
What does it mean to default on your student loan? A default means you’ve failed to repay your loan according to the terms of your agreement. While the terms of your specific federal loan may vary, for most federal student loans default occurs when you fail to make a payment for more than 270 days. You know you're in default when you stopped making payments.

If you're in danger of having your wages garnished because of student loan debt, we have the expierience to help you bring you balance to $0.00. Answer a few simple questions to receive a free evaluation and find out if you qualify for the student loan forgiveness program.

I have yet to see where any money was used by the Department of Education that actually funded any loan and that’s what they say on these loans “your loan was funded by the Department of Education” when it wasn’t. It was funded by private investors, as a student loan security.

See: About Securitization

See letter from Salie Mae showing student loan deleted with my administrative process. Letter

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