I was really stunned to read about all the problems with student loans and how congress has given the banks and loan guarantee organizations a free ticket to extract as much money from students as possible said my friend John a father of three children one who is ready to go to college.

The simple hard truth about defaulted student loans is:

[1]they do not go away

[2]They are almost never discharged through bankruptcy.

[3] The interest accrues daily just like a credit card.

[4] and collection costs are added every time a government backed student loan is assigned to another agency.

The government has created some very stringent policies with respect to default student loans.

They have made it so that that they cannot be discharged through bankruptcy.

They have allowed loan and guarantee companies to own the collection agencies which give them great incentive to allow and even push students into default. They are able to garnish Social Security and retirement benefits and disability income.

And they have allowed interest rates to be as high as 29.9%.

Here is another truth about government backed student loans that you should know. That is this they are easy to get out of default. But most people who are in default also owe other debts; they are hounded by so many collectors they don’t know what to do and simply refuse to deal with any of them.

The key is not to allow collectors to push you around and to make a deal that will either strangle you or that you cannot pay at all there are programs and options that will get the loan out of default mark it as paid or erase it from your credit report and give you a brand new not in default loan with payments you can afford that looks great on your credit report.

My recommendation is simple.

We can help avoid garnishment, and bring your student loan to $0.00.

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